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The Digital Analytics Power Hour


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Nov 5, 2019

Multi-touch attribution is like fat free cheese: it sounds like a great idea, it seems like technology would have made it amazing and delicious by now, and, yet, the reality is incredibly unsatisfying. Since we’ve recently covered how browsers are making the analyst’s lot in life more difficult, and since multi-touch attribution is affected by those changes, we figured it was high time to revisit the topic. It’s something we’ve covered before (twice, actually). But interest in the topic has not diminished, while a claim could be made that reality has gone from being merely a cold dishrag to the face to being a bucket of ice over the head. We sat down with Priscilla Cheung to hash out the topic. No fat free cheese was consumed during the making of the episode. For complete show notes, including links to items mentioned in this episode and a transcript of the show, visit the show page.