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The Digital Analytics Power Hour


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Jul 3, 2018

Once upon a time, there was some data. And that data cried out to be extracted and analyzed and packaged up like the most exquisite of gifts and then presented gloriously to an eager and excited group of stakeholders. But, alas! Will this data story have a happy ending? Perhaps. Perhaps not! And that’s the subject of this episode. Sort of. Our intrepid hosts ask the question, “How can we communicate more effectively by applying the tricks of the data journalism trade?” To answer that question, Walt Hickey, late of and now the founder and curator of the daily Numlock Newsletter, joins the gang to chat about how he combined an education in applied mathematics with an interest in news media to become a data journalist. Along the way, the discussion explores how Walt’s insights can be applied to business analytics. And there’s a terrible analogy about meat that gets butchered along the way (thanks, Tim!).

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