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The Digital Analytics Power Hour


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May 21, 2019

A simple recipe for a delicious analytics platform: combine 3 cups of data schema with a pinch of JavaScript in a large pot of cloud storage. Bake in the deployment oven for a couple of months, and savory insights will emerge. Right? Why does this recipe have both 5-star and 1-star ratings?! On this episode, long-standing digital analytics maven June Dershewitz, Director of Analytics at Twitch, drops by the podcast's analytics kitchen to discuss the relative merits of building versus buying an analytics platform. Or, of course, doing something in between!

The episode was originally 3.5 hours long, but we edited out most of Michael's tangents into gaming geekdown, which brought the run-time down to a more normal length.

For complete show notes, including links to items mentioned in this episode and a transcript of the show, visit the show page.