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The Digital Analytics Power Hour


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Jun 5, 2018

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: all of the tracking we try to do of people is actually technology designed to track content. And, even that tracking of content was a hacked-together repurposing of a system designed to deliver content. In other words, we've got layers of fiction upon fiction that we're trying to muddle through (and, often, ignore) as an industry. The result? A ridiculous level of inefficiency whereby brands overspend to ineffectively reach their target audiences with direct response messages, and well-intended intermediaries grow their bank accounts. Ugh! On this episode, the gang invited Sergio Maldonado from PrivacyCloud (and, by day, from Sweetspot Intelligence) to chat about the broken environment we're operating in, as well as how GDPR and financial considerations may just force us onto a path of shaking it up!

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