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The Digital Analytics Power Hour


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Jan 5, 2016

What better time to ask Big Questions about analytics than the start of a new year? In this episode, Gary Angel from EY joins us to talk just a little bit about his new book, and to talk a lot about digital transformation: what it means, what's holding large enterprises back, where digital analysts fit in the effort... and a whole-whole lot of thoughts and ideas that aren't nearly as lofty and nebulous as the first part of this description sounds! This is our longest show to date. It's a power hour transformed into 59 minutes (or 39:20 if you play it at 1.5x speed).

People, places, and things referenced in this episode include:

Jacques Warren
almost four years ago

Great conversation guys! I had the honor to read Gary's book in manuscript forms a few months ago, and it is *by far* the best book I have ever read in Digital Analytics!! Gary really tries to give us a *methodology*, something that can be rigorously applied to what we do. Kudos to him, and thank you for giving him the opportunity to talk about it.